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Professor Mark Petticrew

Professor Mark Petticrew is Professor of Public Health Evaluation in the Department of Social and Environmental Health Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is Director of the Public Health Research Consortium (PHRC) http://phrc.lshtm.ac.uk/, and is also a member of the Policy Innovation Research Unit (PIRU: http://www.piru.ac.uk/), both of which are funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme. As part of his PIRU research he is involved in evaluating the Public Health Responsibility Deal: see http://www.piru.ac.uk/projects/current-projects/public-health-responsibility-deal-evaluation.html

Along with Karen Lock, Mark directs the NIRH School for Public Health Research at LSHTM: see: http://sphr.lshtm.ac.uk/

Mark’s main research interests are in evidence-based policymaking, systematic reviews, and the evaluation of the health effects of social policies. He is involved in systematic reviews carried out as part of the Campbell Collaboration and the Cochrane Collaboration.

Home Page: http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/people/petticrew.mark


Professor James Thomas

Professor James Thomas is Professor of Social Research and Policy in the Department of Childhood, Families, and Health at the Institute of Education. He is the Director of the Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre’s (EPPI – Centre) Reviews Facility for the Department of Health, England.

James’ main research interests are in developing methods for research synthesis, in particular for qualitative and mixed methods reviews and in using emerging information technologies such as text mining in research. He leads a module on synthesis and critical appraisal on the EPPI-Centre’s MSc in Research for Public Policy and Practice and development on the Centre’s in-house reviewing software, EPPI-Reviewer.

Home Page: http://www.ioe.ac.uk/research/SSRU_52.html

Dr Theo Lorenc

Dr Theo Lorenc is the Provost Fellow in the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) at the University College London. His work at STEaPP aims to bring a range of theoretical perspectives to bear on the relations between scientific knowledge, society and policy. Theo’s approach builds on his previous work on Gabriel Tarde, and on ideas from anthropology and science and technology studies, as well as philosophy and sociology. The focus is on developing an inter-ontological account of epistemic and technical practices, and their material and ideational frameworks, and more generally on exploring the theoretical implications of sociological and political perspectives on knowledge production.

Home Page: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/steapp/people/lorenc

Dr Alison O’Mara-Eves

Dr. Alison O’Mara-Eves is a Research Officer in the Department of Childhood, Families, and Health at the Institute of Education. Alison is a methods specialist interested in social psychology and public health. Alison’s DPhil (completed 2009, Oxford University) focused on meta-analytic methods and the application of meta-analysis to research questions on self-concept/self-esteem.

Home Page: http://www.ioe.ac.uk/staff/52376.html

Sian Thomas


Michelle Richardson

Michelle completed a PhD (2005-2009) funded by the Economic and Social Research Council for a project that looked at the psychosocial antecedents to academic achievement. Since then, Michelle has been involved in a number of research projects that span the fields of psychiatry, child mental health and health psychology. For example, she was involved in the development of taxonomy of behaviour change techniques (BCTs) as a method and tool for specifying, evaluating and implementing complex behavioural change interventions. She was also the lead researcher on an (NIHR) HTA funded systematic review of behaviour change interventions that target children with attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in school settings. Michelle is currently working on the MACH study and supporting systematic reviews in public health and health promotion at the EPPI-Centre.

Home Page:


Lambert Felix

Lambert Felix is a Research Fellow in the Department of Social and Environmental Health Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His main interests lie in both interventional studies as well as methodological research. Lambert is particularly interested in building evidence base of effective interventions using behaviour change techniques in the area of preventive cardiology targeting dietary behaviour, physical activity uptake, smoking cessation, alcohol intake and diabetes. In terms of methodological research, he is interested in the conduct and synthesis of complex interventions.

Home Page: http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/aboutus/people/felix.lambert

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